Seaside Harmony

Integrative Wellness by the Soothing Sea

An oceanfront environment provides an instant sense of calm, with the rhythmic sound of waves and the vast openness offering a significant stress reduction. The fresh sea air, rich in negative ions, enhances breathing, leading to improved sleep quality. Moreover, the natural beauty and vastness of the ocean inspire a peaceful mental state, encouraging relaxation and mental clarity.



Ocean-Centric Activities & Treatments

From guided meditations by the sea, to therapeutic saltwater baths, to beach yoga classes, to watersports and beyond, thoughtful programs harness the ocean’s healing properties.


Health-Promoting Cuisine

Fresh, locally-sourced ingredients (think: seafood, sea vegetables, and sea salt) promote heart & brain health while lowering blood pressure and inflammation.



Personalized wellness programs take into account an individual’s needs, providing specific recommendations to complement the physical and mental benefits of an seaside experience.


Stress Reduction

The soothing ambiance of the ocean, combined with the sound of waves and the smell of salt air, naturally lowers cortisol levels, reducing stress.

Integrated Physical Activity

Activities such as swimming, beach walking, and water sports promote physical health and mental well-being.

Mood Improvement

Proximity to the ocean boosts serotonin levels, enhancing mood and fostering a positive mindset.

Mental Health & Clarity

The meditative quality of ocean sounds aids in achieving mental balance and reducing anxiety and depression symptoms.


The ocean setting stimulates creativity and problem-solving abilities by encouraging a fresh perspective and innovative thinking.

Skin Health

The mineral-rich seawater acts as a natural spa, improving skin conditions and promoting a healthy glow through its detoxification and natural antibacterial properties.

Enhanced Sleep Quality

The clean, ion-rich ocean air improves breathing and contributes to deeper, more restorative sleep.

Benefits of Vitamin D3

Spending time in the sunshine by the ocean increases Vitamin D levels, essential for overall health.



Set against a backdrop of breathtaking views, Varana is a sport and wellness resort blending sustainable luxury with activities like paddleboarding and rock climbing, complemented by eco-friendly dining, award-winning service, and a spa with Thailand’s first outdoor onsen dome.


Chiva Som, a world-renowned holistic destination resort in Hua Hin, provides a luxurious blend of jungle and ocean settings featuring serene koi ponds with feeding opportunities, a beautiful spa, in-depth holistic healing programs, and privacy fit for royalty near the Thai King’s summer residence.

Crimson Resort & Hotel

The Crimson Resort & Hotel in Boracay blends the calmness of seaside living with comprehensive wellness experiences, offering guests private beach access, diverse health-centric dining, immersive Filipino Banahaw, and Hilot healing practices, all designed to foster physical and spiritual rejuvenation against the backdrop of the island’s famed white sands and vibrant marine life.