Holistic Healing

A Balance of Mind, Body, & Spirit

Holistic healing often unfolds in serene natural settings, ranging from urban and seaside oases to countryside sanctuaries, blending environmental tranquility with wellness practices. These resorts aim to facilitate a journey towards enhanced well-being, employing natural remedies and the soothing qualities of a peaceful environment to foster healing and renewal. The health of the entire individual is considered, including one’s mind, body, and spirit.



Body Balancing

Using customized plans and integrative
modalities, achieve your own ideal
weight while enhancing overall
wellness and vitality.


Ageless Vitality

Promote natural beauty at any age with a
fundamentals-based, inside-out


Energetic Equilibrium

Therapies focused on the central nervous system enhance emotional clarity and physical well-being in tandem.


Nutritional Wellness

Culinary offerings emphasize balanced,
nutrient-rich plant-based diets that align with healing and vitality, providing you with all the essential nutrients for natural energy.


Targeted Health Interventions

Specialized treatments are available for
respiratory vitality and dermatological health, employing state-of-the-art techniques for specific wellness concerns.


Spiritual Growth

Explore sacred, time-tested wellness practices to strengthen your spiritual core and emotional strength.


Deep Rejuvenation

Engaging with nature’s serenity, one finds a deep sense of renewal, shedding the stresses of everyday life for a revitalized spirit.

Spiritual Connection

The immersive natural surroundings encourage spiritual exploration and self-discovery, enriching guests’ connection to themselves and the environment.

Physical Health

Through a blend of practices (e.g., yoga, guided nature excursions, Qi Gong, mindful approaches to nutrition), individuals experience improvements in physical health, including enhanced vitality and detoxification.

Customized Wellness Experiences

Tailoring offerings to individual needs, these resorts provide personally designed programs that integrate a variety of traditional and natural therapies.

Community and Belonging

Guests often form meaningful connections with others on similar paths, enriching the healing process with shared experiences and support.

Mental and Emotional Wellness

The peacefulness of the setting aids in alleviating stress and anxiety, resulting in mental clarity, emotional balance, and a sense of inner peace. Learn mindfulness and varied types of meditation and find the method that suits you most.

Natural Immunity Boost

The combination of clean air, wholesome food, and a stress-free atmosphere naturally strengthens the body’s immune system.



Chiva Som, a world-renowned holistic destination resort in Hua Hin, provides a luxurious blend of jungle and ocean settings featuring serene koi ponds with feeding opportunities, a beautiful spa, in-depth holistic healing programs, and privacy fit for royalty near the Thai King’s summer residence.

The Farm at San Benito

Sitting on a vortex amidst an exotic jungle setting, The Farm boasts rare white peacocks, a trio of dining experiences from vegan to pescatarian, culinary classes, luxurious accommodations, and holistic cancer care from a dedicated team with two decades of service.

RAKxa Integrative Wellness

RAKxa combines expertly structured wellness programs with exceptional fitness training by physical therapists, exquisite and flexible meal options by top chefs, and streamlined medical procedures through a partnership with the renowned Bumrungrad Hospital, all in an alcohol-free environment.