Country Serenity

Tranquility Paired with Holistic Practices

Often tucked away in the heart or nearby vibrant jungle setting, these properties offer an oasis of calm and natural splendor. Here, guests are surrounded by diverse wildlife (sometimes including monkeys and unique species of birds in the canopy) and find themselves fully immersed in nature’s splendor. These settings encourage a deep connection with the environment, where traditional healing practices blend seamlessly with the surrounding natural beauty, offering benefits such as stress reduction, mental clarity, and a profound sense of peace.



Wellness Programs

Thoughtfully conceived wellness activities and therapies offer relaxation and health improvement.



The game provides a seamless combination of gentle physical activity and outdoor enjoyment.


Farmers’ Markets & Foraging

Local markets lend easy access to fresh, local produce and nearby open spaces provide the opportunity to learn to forage for your own ingredients.



Experience tranquility and enhance fitness while immersing yourself in the beauty of nature.


Cooking Classes

Here the focus is on natural and organic ingredients that cultivate healthy eating habits.


Wildlife Watching

Take advantage of opportunities to observe wildlife from birds to elephants and beyond.


Self-Guided Adventures

Encourages exploration at one’s own pace and per one’s individual interests.


Quiet Time

From outdoor naps to nighttime stargazing, activities in the serenity and splendor of the countryside provide a respite from the bustle of urban life.


Immune System Boost & Reduced Blood Pressure

Physical activity in the fresh country air contributes to stronger immune responses and lower blood pressure levels.

Better Sleep Quality

The quiet of rural areas supports deeper and more restful sleep.

Increased Energy & Improved Mood

The serene environment and open spaces foster heightened energy and better mood.

Cleaner Air

Distance from urban pollution ensures higher air quality, promoting respiratory health.

Stress Reduction & Enhanced Focus

Country living provides a peaceful atmosphere that reduces stress and improves concentration.

Connection with Nature

Activities like horseback riding, hiking, and nature watching invite direct interaction with the natural world.

Healthy Eating

Access to fresh, organic produce from local farmers’ markets or foraging fosters health-promoting dietary habits.

Cultural & Mindful Experiences

Engagement with wellness practices, unstructured time for creativity, and exploration of nearby cultural sites nurture the mind and spirit.


RAKxa Integrative Wellness

RAKxa combines expertly structured wellness programs with exceptional fitness training by physical therapists, exquisite and flexible meal options by top chefs, and streamlined medical procedures through a partnership with the renowned Bumrungrad Hospital, all in an alcohol-free environment.


Chiva Som, a world-renowned holistic destination resort in Hua Hin, provides a luxurious blend of jungle and ocean settings featuring serene koi ponds with feeding opportunities, a beautiful spa, in-depth holistic healing programs, and privacy fit for royalty near the Thai King’s summer residence.

The Farm at San Benito

Sitting on a vortex amidst an exotic jungle setting, The Farm boasts rare white peacocks, a trio of dining experiences from vegan to pescatarian, culinary classes, luxurious accommodations, and holistic cancer care from a dedicated team with two decades of service.

The Five Elements

Located in a serene jungle just outside Ubud, The Five Elements Retreat Bali is a boutique resort known for its holistic wellness approach, exquisite Balinese styling, unique healing therapies, and plant-based cuisine – all working together to promote harmony with the five elements of nature.