About My Global Life

High value, personally tailored luxury travel experiences with a focus on promoting well-being, celebrating local flavors, and delivering exceptional service.

Value-Driven Luxury Celebrating Local Flavors

At My Global Life, we handpick-locally branded accommodation and service providers that offer more than just a luxurious stay—they serve as gateways to the cultural heart of each destination. Our selection prioritizes where the comfort of high-end properties meets the richness of local traditions and customs.

Unique & Personalized Wellness Experiences

Each property stands out for its distinctive and diverse wellness offerings. Whether guests hope to up-level their fitness routines, savor nutrition-focused local cuisine, learn new mindfulness techniques, immerse themselves in nature, or explore the urban jungle, MGL has something to offer all drawing on the expertise of well-informed holistic, integrative, and Western medicine-trained wellness professionals.

Unparalleled Commitment To Service

Attentive service, delivered with a warm and friendly attitude, is the hallmark of our partners. Similarly, our team ensures that we provide the highest level of attention and care to all clients booking on guests’ behalf. Overall, we strive for excellence in every interaction, ensuring travelers’ experiences are culturally enriching and horizon-broadening while also effortlessly comfortable and hassle-free.

Our Experiences

Repeat clients rave about the quality and diversity of our travel experiences. Our program types include:

  • Holistic Healing: A balance of mind, body, and spirit with a focus on traditional and holistic healing modalities.

  • Integrative Luxury: Mindful wellness amidst luxurious settings, emphasizing synergies between traditional therapeutics and data-backed Western medicine.
    Active Spirit: Holistic lifestyles rooted in athleticism and movement modalities that increase or maintain physical fitness.

  • Urban Oases:Peace amidst the city’s heart; opportunities to enhance well-being while taking advantage of all urban centers have to offer.

  • Seaside Harmony:Ocean-inspired therapeutic activities enhance calm, clarity, sleep quality, and overall wellness.

  • Country Serenity: Tranquil rural living, complete with immersive natural experiences and access to fresh, locally sourced food, is paired with holistic, wellness-promoting programming.

For even further customization of guests’ and groups’ personal travel itineraries, we offer a variety of lifestyle-oriented experiences, unique to their destination. Here are some examples:

  • Fashion Consultation: Engage with top fashion consultants and explore luxury local designer shops, including sustainable options.

  • Culinary Exploration: Immerse in the local flavors with market tours and cooking classes.

  • Creative Arts: Design and create jewelry, textiles, and other crafts with skilled artisans.

  • Inside-Out Beauty: Select from a variety of holistic treatments and access top dental and medical services.

  • Entrepreneurial Development: Open doors to new opportunities to gain insights on cross-border sourcing and managing online businesses.

  • Spiritual & Mental Well-Being: Learn movement and meditation techniques from monks to enhance spiritual and mental health.

  • Sports & Recreation: Elevate athletic skills with lessons in golf, tennis, Muay Thai Boxing, and more.

MGL Guiding Principles

Embracing a Well-Rounded Lifestyle

Our vision at MGL is to promote a lifestyle integrated with various wellness facets, ensuring a balanced approach to mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Respect for Local Traditions

At the heart of MGL is respect for diverse cultures, looking to learn from each the richness of time-tested heritage and practices.

Cooperation & Mutual Learning

MGL is rooted in collaboration and mutual learning – honoring individual differences in guests’ goals and preferences while celebrating shared values and visions.

Integrity First

We never take commissions for exposing you to local artisans and health practitioners – creating these connections is a key part of our mission but not a part of our business model.